1. John photographs Anna for the book.

    "Anna is from Portugal and has been living in London for 3 years. I spent the day with Anna and she took me to a Portuguese Cafe near her home. Back in Portugal Anna is an actress and goes by her stage name of Mina Andala. She has starred in many TV shows and has had a documentary about her life shown in Portugal. In the cafe, people were coming to Anna and asking her for autograph. It was almost as if the camera wasn’t there and it seemed like a regular occurrence for people in the cafe and for her. Anna’s dad is from Saint Omer in France and her mother is from Cape Verde. Her parents moved to Portugal in the late 70’s after independence. She said growing up in Portugal during the 80’s was difficult and found it hard when people at school would tell her to go back to her country. Being so young she was confused as to why people were saying this to her. Growing up in Portugal was tough during the 80’s. She said that during school people would tell her to go back to her country and she found it difficult to relate to somewhere as her home. Anna felt like she was in a place where she was going nowhere and decided to leave Portugal. She lived in a Spain for a short while and then decided to move to London when she was 32. Now she is older and in London, she enjoys people asking her where she is from as it gives her the opportunity to talk about Portugal and people are often surprised and shocked when she tells them where she is from. She thinks British people are very receptive and are open and have a good attitude towards other cultures and diversity. Anna has one month left as a waitress and then she is hoping to become an actress in London." John Gribben.