1. "These images were shot at my home situated in Bermondsey, southeast of London. They depict my younger sister, Cindy. Like myself and my older brother, Cindy was born and raised in London throughout whole life and knows quite little of our ethnic culture, besides of what she has learnt through our parents or other relatives. Her main language spoken is English, and the culture she follows mostly is the British culture. When asked where she is from she will reply England, much to the disappointment of our parents whom think that we have become ‘too western,’ that we have become out of touch with our mother tongue, they fear that as we all grow older and older, we will become more and more distant to the Chinese culture. Our parents are both from China and still heavily follow and celebrate their cultural heritage, they moved to England with their families at a mature age for hopes to have a more fortunate upbringing for their children, and we have. We are proud to have the upbringing we have had, and we are very proud of where we’re from, England." Coby Ngan