1. Project work in development. Gianna takes a trip back to see her family with some disposable cameras.

    "From the periphery of the world to that of the town. Coming from a small town on a small island that smells like Mediterranean scrub and always looks full coloured in bright summerish yellow and clear blue , London struck me for its harshness. Streets are grey, houses are brownish of bricks and bricks, millions of thousands, all the same. One shade of grey, like a fog, makes everything look alike. The buildings on stormy sky. There is no smell, most of the time, just the solid coldness of the air. The feeling of being small into something immense rises both from the enormity and fullness of the city buildings  and from the emptiness of the countryside. There comes the sensation of being unable to live in a place where there is no middle ground. Two are the places where I can find the welcoming London I learnt to love. One is by the water, the river and the canal, their natural unmissable flow. The other favorite place are Marshes. That is the place to go to smell, hear and watch. From time to time a train cuts the fields: there is the rustle of the leaves, the unmistakable roar of the engine, and then the leaves again, but still the nature preserves its rhythm." Gianna Mula.