1. For the Saturday meet up the group visit Peckham to take photos and interview local residents about recent regeneration projects in the area, culture and community.

    Images above - notes from street interviews by the group. Portrait by Jed.

    "This photo was taken on Peckham High Street. I started talking to this guy randomly, he was unloading things out of the van behind. He said he was Peckham born and bred, but that his family were from Mauritius. This guy was reppin’ his home town with a P for Peckham. Simply put, he was proud of where he was from, which I admired. Peckham does not have positive connotations and I think in the face of these skewing of perceptions people are prouder than ever to say where they’re from. This person is a typical Londoner. I think this photo speaks volumes about the state of multiculturalism in London - that it does work. When I spoke to him he said he was a Londoner born and bred, and that his family were from Mauritius. This is what multiculturalism is, people from different races and cultures united under the banner of being a Londoner. I think some people could perceive this photo as a threatening image. A non - white person with a baseball cap showing perhaps a ‘gang’ signal. In fact this guy was incredibly friendly. He told me about his job, about his family and about ‘getting by’. Just a normal person with normal struggles." Jed Mincher